Riding the waves of rapid changes?

Riding the waves of rapid changes
31 Dec 2020

Riding the waves of rapid changes?

Are you riding the waves of rapid changes?

We certainly do!

In addition to the months of lock-down and working most of the time from home, 2020 was a year that brought us many changes.

I am sure that most of you feel the same. Not only because Covid19 created a completely new approach to work, but also because the technology changes impacted so many segments of our lives. We have seen changing work conditions, evolving tools, and emerging new requirements everywhere.

Is this the time to build?  

Yes! Definitely it is!

We continue building and encourage you to do the same.

When we started the discussion with Steve in 2018, we thought that the future of education was digitalisation. We felt that vocational education would gain increasing importance because of the fast pace changes in the workplace.

Moreover, we have seen that companies who have successfully shifted workforces from one place to another, struggled to build competencies within their new structures, due to lack of time and sometimes budgets.

Being passionate about the issue, we developed a training solution which was cost effective, digital, yet reserved the human touch; the concept of blended learning; a combination of digital and live techniques, sliced into micro learning units. A unit typically aims to enhance one or two competencies. Taking units in a sequence will, however, boost a series of competencies, allowing the learner eventually to take a new job!

Klass Academy closed a stimulating year 

For us, 2020 was about launching Klass Academy – our digitally enabled venture offering training and process services for Finance, Sales and Order to Cash.

In the past decades, working with Fortune 500 companies, we have developed many talents and streamlined various processes. We clearly wanted to continue this journey, building on digital tools.  Looking back over the year, we are delighted to recognise how much we have accomplished, despite the challenging circumstances.

Created a great product

We have produced our first digital module, on Cash Collection, consisting of 75 micro units, short videos and practical exercises. We have redesigned the theoretical and practical parts of our “live training” material. Our Digital Training, Virtual Coaching and Live Courses now provide the flexibility our customers need.

We designed and implemented a learning management system (LMS), offering exponential growth through the easy addition of new themes and subjects. In addition, we created short articles and videos to explain the concept.  

Tapped into the needs of the customers

The customer is always the focus of our attention. Those of you who know us, know this well. Furlough, confinement, people working from home, and overall implications of the pandemic brought some challenges for us, yet we have tested our trial e-classes with 10 companies. As we were producing our digital content Steve continued to provide our credit courses, via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  

We have rolled out the digital products to the Swiss, the UK and the Hungarian markets, collaborating with local partners such as the Association of Credit Management Switzerland, Forums International, Paladin, NCFE, Credit Management Training Ltd. and the Credit Management Group; well established companies, believing in blended learning and the importance of professional training.   

By December, we had established relationships with several large companies and continue to develop innovative products to provide value for our customers.

Brought talent together

Founding partners have executive corporate backgrounds with experience & expertise: Klara (Finance), Steve (People Development), Stefano (IT), Paul (Engineering & Product). The cornerstone of our business model is IT, greatly supported by Damien, who has not only a large IT portfolio experience, but also great idea creation capacity.

It was a thrill that Millennials joined us in our quest; Lena effectively executing marketing strategies; Peter designing best LMS features, Ingrid interfacing with customers in 5 different languages!

Embraced team spirit and learning something new every day!

We were honoured to get advice from seasoned industry experts, Gary Steadman and Danny Kaltenborn.   

We were especially proud of having the support from many other associates, prospect customers and business friends backing us with work and insights.

Execution before all!

Our journey started with an idea; finding an efficient way to enhance new competencies at a busy workplace. We liked this idea. The customers did, too.

The road from the idea until the seamlessly working digital platform was somewhat… bumpy. Yet we have executed the plan; created the digital structure with outstanding content and fresh design. We keep moving, currently designing our resource planning system, implementing standard work and CRM, which will help us to speed up our activities, from content creation to customer interfacing.

Conditions of a pleasant ride

The way to go is to turn issues into opportunities.

We are excited about our products helping companies to be more efficient and enabling people to rapidly adopt to the requirements of the changing workplace.

Living up to our potential

We feel sometime stretched to deal with the multiple facets of digitalisation within the current environment. What makes us oversee implications of the pandemic and the unclarity of the market is that we pursue our passion, supporting people’s growth.

Learning continuously

A common trait of our team is that we all are forever learners, advocates of continuous learning.  So, we are ready to learn from others, whether it is in neuroscience; coding; learning management systems; or marketing analytics; to name but a few. Discovering is part of our daily routine and believe that with a learning mindset it is easier to adopt to changes.

Building on a stable background

Last, but not least, let me mention the importance of the background: the supporting family, caring friends, and welcoming community.

I think everyone agrees with this, yet many find it is difficult to create time for  personal development:  including attention to themselves and those to whom they are closest.  

We keep trying…and make a conscious effort to balance the stabilising (private life) and the accelerating factors (work life).

Key for us; awareness and focus; thus, being fully present in whatever we do.     

Hello 2021

Looking back on 2020, we feel comfortable with what we have achieved.

Many companies have struggled, some people have lost their jobs, and economic uncertainly is high. We are concerned about that.

However, by supporting others, embracing change, and maintaining a healthy life balance, we trust that everyone will succeed with their challenges.  

By the end of 2020 we would like to thank everyone for contributing to the journey of the Klass family.

We look forward to continue working with you in 2021 to create the future of opportunities with you and for you!   

Be safe. Remain adaptable.

Be the Best in Klass!

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  1. Paul F. Austin

    There is a great need to provide people with the right training to help with the transformation agenda. Looking forward to a successful 2021 with Klass Academy.

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