1. Planning your collection call e-class

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DateSep 1, 2019
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Business & Soft Skills

Accounts Receivable basics
Cash Collections basics
Financial Analysis basics
Time management
Attention to details
Collaboration management

The objective of a cash collection call is to receive the payment without delay. Pursuing payments effectively requires proper, proactive, targeted preparation. In this dynamic digital e-class, delegates will learn the basics of how to prepare for a cash collection call; what the elements of proper prior planning are;  the reasons why customers do not pay on time, the different customer types they will need to deal with and how to deliver as planned.



Anyone who needs to chase customers for payments, on the telephone, face to face or via e-mails and letters.



The e-class contains 9 chapters including

• 20 short videos
• 11 interactive exercises and
• 1 summary quiz

Supplementary materials
2 hours

Section 11.1 Objectives
Lecture 11.1.1 Objectives
Lecture 21.1.2 Opening
Section 21.2 Start it right
Lecture 31.2.1 How to start
Lecture 41.2.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 51.2.3 Start it right
Lecture 61.2.4 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 71.2.5 Summary
Section 31.3 Proper Prior Planning
Lecture 81.3.1 Why Proper Prior Planning
Lecture 91.3.2 Interctive Exercise
Lecture 101.3.3 Summary
Section 41.4 Contacts that matter
Lecture 111.4.1 Contacts that matter
Lecture 121.4.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 131.4.3 Summary
Section 51.5 Plan the outcome
Lecture 141.5.1 Plan your objective
Lecture 151.5.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 161.5.3 Summary
Section 61.6 Why customers don't pay on time
Lecture 171.6.1 Willing and Able
Lecture 181.6.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 191.6.3 Summary
Section 71.7 Customer types you need to deal with
Lecture 201.7.1 The most important types
Lecture 211.7.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 221.7.3 Summary
Section 81.8 Deliver as planned
Lecture 231.8.1 Case Study
Lecture 241.8.2 DialogueFree Preview

Lecture 251.8.3 Dialogue
Lecture 261.8.4 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 271.8.5 The Result
Lecture 281.8.6 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 291.8.7 Summary
Section 91.9 Closing
Lecture 301.9.1 Summary
Lecture 311.9.2 Supplementary materials
Lecture 321.9.3 Feedback form
Lecture 331.9.4 e-class Quiz
Final Quiz