3. Negotiation styles e-class

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DateSep 1, 2019
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Business & Soft Skills

Cash Collections basics
Conflict management
Attentive listening
Interpersonal skills
Mindful communication
Relationship building

Negotiation is a vitally important life skill we use every day, very often without realising we are negotiating. Whenever parties have different agendas, be it chasing a customer for payment, or resolving issues with other departments, negotiation is needed.

In this interactive e-class, delegates will acquire knowledge about the main negotiation styles and learn how to aptly cope with different characters to reach the desired outcome.



Anyone who needs to interact with customers and other departments, in pursuit of payment or problem resolution.



The e-class contains 9 chapters including

• 24 short videos
• 20 interactive exercises and
• 1 summary quiz

Supplementary materials

2:30 hours

Section 13.1 Objectives
Lecture 13.1.1 Objectives
Lecture 23.1.2 Opening
Section 23.2 Reaching an Agreement
Lecture 33.2.1 Negotiation
Lecture 43.2.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 53.2.3 Summary
Section 33.3 Win the Competitors
Lecture 63.3.1 The Competitor
Lecture 73.3.2 Dialogue
Lecture 83.3.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 93.3.4 Dialogue
Lecture 103.3.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 113.3.6 Summary
Section 43.4 Leverage the Compromiser
Lecture 123.4.1 The Compromiser
Lecture 133.4.2 Dialogue
Lecture 143.4.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 153.4.4 Dialogue
Lecture 163.4.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 173.4.6 Summary
Section 53.5 Understand the Pleasers
Lecture 183.5.1 The Pleaser
Lecture 193.5.2 Dialogue
Lecture 203.5.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 213.5.4 Dialogue
Lecture 223.5.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 233.5.6 Summary
Section 63.6 Activate Avoiders
Lecture 243.6.1 The Avoider
Lecture 253.6.2 DialogueFree Preview

Lecture 263.6.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 273.6.4 Summary
Section 73.7 Win with Collaborators
Lecture 283.7.1 The Collaborator
Lecture 293.7.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 303.7.3 Summary
Section 83.8 More about the styles
Lecture 313.8.1 Blending
Lecture 323.8.2 Dialogue
Lecture 333.8.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 343.8.4 Summary
Section 93.9 Closing
Lecture 353.9.1 Summary
Lecture 363.9.2 Supplementary materials
Lecture 373.9.3 Feedback form
Lecture 383.9.4 e-class Quiz
Final Quiz