In Depth Financial Analysis
(1 day)

TypeOnsite Course
DateMar 1, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
Price€ 769


Business & Soft Skills

Balance sheet analysis
Cash flow analysis
Country risk analysis
Credit scoring
Financial ratios (8)
Income statement analysis
Risk assessment
Scoring methods
Abstract thinking
Analytical skills
Attention to detail
Comprehension of complex numbers
Decision making
Drawing conclusions
Reading what data tells about business
In depth financial analyisis

With whom to do business on a credit terms basis? Assessing financial stability of your prospective or existing business partner is not always easy!
It is imperative to regularly evaluate the financial situation of companies with whom you have important exposure. The faster the company moves, the more complex their organization is, the more challenging is to determine their financial situation. Business reports are comprehensive and one needs to reflect in order to realize what stands behinds the figures!
In this interactive Live Course, you will delve into the science of the financial analysis and you will learn how to master scoring and risk assessment techniques, that will allow you to accurately assess your business partner’s financial capacities and credit worthiness. With this knowledge you will easily evaluate credit risks and find decisions to support profitable growth of your company.


Formula and composition of key financial ratios
Current ratio, Liquidity Ratio, Gearing
Days stock held, DSO, CDO
Net profit margin, Interest cover, AltmanZ Score
More scores
Green flag, red flag analysis




Anyone who wants to deepen and master financial analysis and credit scoring.



50% of the time is dedicated to theory.
50% allocated to practical group exercises, focusing on financial analysis and credit scoring of companies of good and bad financial standing.
You will be analysing balance sheets, financial statements and cash flow of companies within your selected business segment.
8 hours