6. Effective collection calls e-class

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TypeOnline Course
DateSep 1, 2019
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Business & Soft Skills

Cash Collections basics
Financial Analysis
Compare and evaluate options
Adopting to changes
Interpersonal skills

The objective of a cash collection call is to receive the payment without delay. Crafting a telephone conversation with tangible results and enhanced customer satisfaction is an art.  In this hands-on digital e-class we demonstrate effective phone negotiation practices. Delegates will learn communication techniques, enabling them to close their calls with a positive result.



Anyone who needs to chase customers for payments on the telephone.



The e-class contains 11 chapters including

• 26 short videos
• 12 interactive exercises and
• 1 summary quiz

Supplementary materials

2 hours

Section 16.1 Objectives
Lecture 16.1.1 Objectives
Lecture 26.1.2 Opening
Section 26.2 First steps
Lecture 36.2.1 What do you want to achieve?
Lecture 46.2.2 Dialogue
Lecture 56.2.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 66.2.4 Summary
Section 36.3 Opening questions
Lecture 76.3.1 What to say first
Lecture 86.3.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 96.3.3 Summary
Section 46.4 Understanding the background
Lecture 106.4.1 Asking questions
Lecture 116.4.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 126.4.3 Summary
Section 56.5 Influencing for results
Lecture 136.5.1 Remain assertive
Lecture 146.5.2 DialogueFree Preview

Lecture 156.5.3 Dialogue
Lecture 166.5.4 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 176.5.5 Summary
Section 66.6 Gathering more information
Lecture 186.6.1 Asking more questions
Lecture 196.6.2 Dialogue
Lecture 206.6.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 216.6.4 Why to ask more questions?
Lecture 226.6.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 236.6.6 Summary
Section 76.7 Overcoming objections
Lecture 246.7.1 Objections
Lecture 256.7.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 266.7.3 Summary
Section 86.8 Improving the payment
Lecture 276.8.1 The counter proposal
Lecture 286.8.2 Dialogue
Lecture 296.8.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 306.8.4 Summary
Section 96.9 Closing the call
Lecture 316.9.1 Reiterating the agreement
Lecture 326.9.2 Dialogue
Lecture 336.9.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 346.9.4 Summary
Section 106.10 General advice
Section 116.11 Closing
Lecture 366.11.1 Summary
Lecture 376.11.2 Supplementary materials
Lecture 386.11.3 Feedback form
Lecture 396.11.4 e-class Quiz
Final Quiz