Frequently Asked Questions
How can I pay for a course?

Send an email to contact@KlassAcademy.com or click on the blue “Contact Us” button. Within two business days we will send an invoice with payment details. Upon receipt of your payment we will email your access code to watch the e-class.

How do I create a user account?

Upon receipt of your payment you will receive an email with a registration link where you can enter your personal details.

How can I watch an e-class I’ve purchased?

Open the registration link you received via email and enter your details. You will be automatically logged in. Go to the e-class you purchased and click on “Course”. Enter your username, password and access code and press “Register”. Click on ”Start” on the right to watch the course.

What is a badge and where can I find it?

Badges are awards that mark that you have answered all the questions in the final quiz after an e-class. The quiz contains 5 single choice questions and you can get 5 points if you answer all questions correctly. Each question has 3 choices and 1 correct answer. The final quiz can be taken unlimited times. A Badge is granted once you achieved 4 points, that is 80% of correct answers.

You need to have 7 badges to be eligible to take the final exam. Go to the main page and click on “Sign In” on the top right. Then click on your account name which appears on the top right of the page and read under “Badges”.

How can I modify my user information?

Click on your account name on the top right of the main page. Click on “Edit Profile” and modify any field and then click on “Update”.

Where can I leave a comment about an e-class?

A feedback form will show up automatically at the end of the e-class before the final quiz.

What can I do if I experience technical problems?

Email us at contact@klassacademy.com or call +41 79 376 59 24 (Mon-Friday 9.00-18.00 CET).

How can I take the final exam and receive an NCFE certificate?

Candidates who completed the 7 Cash Collection e-classes, collected 7 badges and bought access to the final exam are eligible to take the final exam online. There are 50 questions to be answered within 50 minutes. There are two correct answers per question with 100 points in total. You need to have at least 70% of correct answers to pass and receive an NCFE Level 2 diploma certificate. A certificate is issued by Klass Academy which you can find it in your online Klass Academy account. The NCFE certificate is sent by NCFE to to you. If you failed to pass the exam, you can redo it by purchasing the exam for 139 Euros.

Where can I find subtitles for the training videos?

When you open a training video press on “CC” on the lower right hand side of the video and choose