2. Customer behaviours to deal with e-class

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DateSep 1, 2019
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Business & Soft Skills

Cash Collections basics
Communication techniques
Telephone conversation techniques
Attentive listening
Assertiveness Influencing
Interpersonal skills

Disruptive behaviours come to the fore both in business and private life. Pursuing goals while the other party projects ignorance, anger, or chattiness, is not always easy.

In this interactive digital e-class, delegates will recognise disruptive behaviours; they will learn how to maintain control of the situation and close the discussion with a favourable agreement.



Anyone who deal with customers, on the phone or face to face, and want to be equipped with techniques on how to deal with difficult personalities.



E-class contains 8 chapters including

• 50 short videos and dialogues
• 15 interactive exercises and
• 1 summary quiz

Supplementary materials

2:30 hours

Section 12.1 Objectives
Lecture 12.1.1 Objectives
Lecture 22.1.2 Opening
Section 22.2 Overlook the Ignorance
Lecture 32.2.1 The Ignorant
Lecture 42.2.2 Dialogue
Lecture 52.2.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 62.2.4 Develop strategies
Lecture 72.2.5 Dialogue
Lecture 82.2.6 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 92.2.7 Summary
Section 32.3 Calm the Anger
Lecture 102.3.1 The Angry
Lecture 112.3.2 Dialogue
Lecture 122.3.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 132.3.4 How to react to Anger
Lecture 142.3.5 Dialogue
Lecture 152.3.6 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 162.3.7 Summary
Section 42.4 Disarm the Discriminator
Lecture 172.4.1 The Discriminator
Lecture 182.4.2 DialogueFree Preview

Lecture 192.4.3 Dialogue
Lecture 202.4.4 Dialogue
Lecture 212.4.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 222.4.6 Summary
Section 52.5 Carry on with Interrupters
Lecture 232.5.1 The Interrupter
Lecture 242.5.2 Dialogue
Lecture 252.5.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 262.5.4 Summary
Section 62.6 Smoothen the Rude
Lecture 272.6.1 The Rude
Lecture 282.6.2 Dialogue
Lecture 292.6.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 302.6.4 Summary
Section 72.7 Channel the Chatty
Lecture 312.7.1 The Chatty
Lecture 322.7.2 Dialogue
Lecture 332.7.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 342.7.4 Summary
Section 82.8 Closing
Lecture 352.8.1 Summary
Lecture 362.8.2 Supplementary materials
Lecture 372.8.3 Feedback form
Lecture 382.8.4 e-class Quiz
Final Quiz