4. Negotiation flow e-class

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DateSep 1, 2019
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Business & Soft Skills

Cash Collections basics
Conflict management
Judgement of options
Attentive listening
Interpersonal skills

Negotiation is a vitally important life skill we use every day, very often without realising we are negotiating. Whenever parties have different agendas, be it chasing a customer for payment, or resolving issues with other departments, negotiation is needed.

In this interactive e-class, delegates will learn about the steps of negotiation, leading to a mutually beneficial agreement, irrespective of how far apart their original positions are.



Anyone who needs to interact with customers and other departments, in pursuit of payment or to resolve issues.



The e-class contains 9 chapters including

• 34 short videos
• 34 interactive exercises and
• 1 summary quiz

Supplementary materials

3:30 hours

Section 14.1 Objectives
Lecture 14.1.1 Objectives
Lecture 24.1.2 Opening
Section 24.2 Negotiation as a process
Lecture 34.2.1 What is negotiation?
Lecture 44.2.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 54.2.3 SummaryFree Preview

Section 34.3 Planning and preparation
Lecture 64.3.1 Proper Prior Planning
Lecture 74.3.2 Interctive Exercise
Lecture 84.3.3 Summary
Lecture 94.3.4 Evaluating needs
Lecture 104.3.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 114.3.6 Summary
Lecture 124.3.7 Alternatives
Lecture 134.3.8 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 144.3.9 Summary
Section 44.4 Definition and communication of ground rules
Lecture 154.4.1 Ground rules
Lecture 164.4.2 Who
Lecture 174.4.3 What
Lecture 184.4.4 How long
Lecture 194.4.5 Where
Lecture 204.4.6 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 214.4.7 Summary
Lecture 224.4.8 Means
Lecture 234.4.9 Language
Lecture 244.4.10 Impasse
Lecture 254.4.11 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 264.4.12 Summary
Section 54.5 Clarification and Justification
Lecture 274.5.1 Clarify first
Lecture 284.5.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 294.5.3 Summary
Section 64.6 Bargaining and Problem Solving
Lecture 304.6.1 Bargaining
Lecture 314.6.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 324.6.3 Summary
Section 74.7 Closure and implementation
Lecture 334.7.1 Closure
Lecture 344.7.2 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 354.7.3 Summary
Section 84.8 Case Study
Lecture 364.8.1 Background
Lecture 374.8.2 Dialogue
Lecture 384.8.3 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 394.8.4 Dialogue
Lecture 404.8.5 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 414.8.6 Dialogue
Lecture 424.8.7 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 434.8.8 Dialogue
Lecture 444.8.9 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 454.8.10 Dialogue
Lecture 464.8.11 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 474.8.12 Dialogue
Lecture 484.8.13 Interactive Exercise
Lecture 494.8.14 Summary
Section 94.9 Closing
Lecture 504.9.1 Summary
Lecture 514.9.2 Supplementary materials
Lecture 524.9.3 Feedback form
Lecture 534.9.4 e-class Quiz
Final Quiz