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12 May 2022

5 tips from the O2C Women at the top

What are the unique experiences defining female leaders?

Read some of the concise tips received from a prominent panel of:

Whereas it was recognized that the experience of working from home was not beneficial in all cases for work-life balance, hybrid working and particularly videoconferencing from home opens up the door into people’s private environment. The separation between work (int the office) and private life (at home) becomes less clear. That is actually quite refreshing and improves the connection between team members.

In order to have influence and to be heard as a woman manager, it is important to adapt your way of communication to the context you are working in, for example an organization where men are in the majority and determine the company culture or with colleagues from different countries and cultures, which have a different perspective of women in the work place.

It’s not so easy to speak out if your colleagues are only men. They don’t hear you not because they don’t want to hear you, but because sometimes your voice is not strong enough to be heard. It’s important to get exposure.

Klara Boor

It helps to build your professional credibility and come well prepared to meetings:

Always be prepared for any questions, whether it be positive or negative. To move forward, you have to have that information because at the very least you’re prepared for whatever is coming your way.

Lina Spagnuolo

For career progression several things are important. One is to be resilient. Do grab opportunities. But do not to let your disappointment of not getting a particular job or promotion curb your ambition. Another is to build a professional and support network around you, at work as well as in your social environment.

In a nutshell I would say you have to build yourself slowly but surely and not only just by yourself. Use your network.

Julie Redding

It is important to realize that everything you do and every interaction you have with an individual leaves an impression.

Making sure that people always have a positive impression of you helps build a reputation that serves your career.

Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck

Professional development helps build the confidence that allows you to step out of your comfort zone that is needed to progress you career.

It is possible to combine family and career. They can be mutually supportive. Do take time-out to deal with young children as a parent, if you feel like it.

It is important to take any career decision with the support of your family.

Virginie Gupta

Make sure that there is a plan for you to come back to your employer and your career after that.

The discussion was hosted by Forums International, Laurie Beagle and Klass Academy.

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