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Connecting people and tools in a seamless flow is not simple. We standardise, simplify and digitalise processes of the revenue value stream:

Quotation, Order Entry, Credit Control, Order Processing, Order Completion, Delivery, Invoicing, Cash Collection, Cash Application, Dispute Handling and Financial Reporting.
A service which pays off.



Evaluation of your needs: free of charge
Evaluating Current and Future state: hourly rate
Compiling and executing the project plan: hourly rate
Milestone and Final evaluation: hourly rate
Hourly rates are in the range of 60-400 €/hr



Evaluating organisational efficiencies
Mapping current processes
Analysing skillsets and competency of the team
Analysing activities
Identifying issues and opportunities within your current processes
Designing the future processes and quantifying the change benefits
Analysing gaps
Benchmarking for solutions, tools and systems
Implementing solutions of your preference



We have more than 50 years expertise in organising, standardising, simplifying and automating Order to Cash processes using tools of

• Large ERP system (i.e. SAP, Oracle, JDE)
• Tailored enterprise solutions (MS tools, locally developed software)
• Cash collection boltons (i.e.On Guard, Safeguard, Cforia) just to name a few
• Proven track record of process improvement 
• Average Payment Delinquency Day reduction from 16 days to 0.2 days in 14 months
• Cash flow increase of € 1.9 million within 9 months
• Overdue reduction from 24% to 0.5%
• Disputed overdue reduction by 87%



flexible/ within 1- 3 weeks from the assignment


Productivity increase

Cost reduction

Increase of customer satisfaction

Happier workplace